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  • Elle Jeffryes

Development Operations (DevOps) Manager in Bury - Competitive Salary

TRMi is offering an exciting opportunity to join an increasingly expanding retail business, as a Development Operations (DevOps) Manager for Multichannel Transactional Systems.

As DevOps Manager you will play a critical role across multiple Product focussed teams, helping them to take a consistent approach to software delivery by implementing a set of common principals, processes and best practices. As well as, promoting a data-driven approach to the analysis and reporting of resource planning, utilisation and effectiveness.

The successful candidate will have a relevant degree, with a number of years of professional working experience in a DevOps or Resource Management capacity. You are keen to work in a "people first" culture and will proactively seek out the development needs of the people in your teams.

If you are passionate about a "people first" approach and would like to work for an organisation that has personal development embedded in its DNA. Then contact Elle Jeffryes at TRMi for more information at

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