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Meet the team: Ciaran O'Hanlon

I am an outgoing, sociable individual who loves a boogie on the dance floor after cheering for my favourite horse at the races. I love to go on adventures and explore new places but always never forget where my heart is, with my family and friends who are very important to me.

I also believe I’m professional and well presented at the same time being very focused, knowing where to channel my energy and always going above and beyond applying dedication and passion to whatever I'm doing.

Why you are passionate about recruitment?

The reason I’m m passionate about recruitment is that at the end of the day I know I will always be improving someone's life with what I'm doing. Whether that be getting someone that next step in their career or placing them into a company in which they will really thrive by being able to show their true capabilities.

I also love recruitment because I am a bubbly sociable person who loves to talk to people, so there really isn't a better job for me than being a recruiter. Where I can chat with people all day and get to know them on a personal level, it’s a no-brainer.

Why did you join TRM International?

The reason I joined TRM is that from the moment I got on my first call with them it was as if I had known the team for centuries. Everyone that works here is so friendly and caring and genuinely wants the best for you and that’s the type of environment I had been looking for in my job search. The sort of environment where work doesn't feel like work because you enjoy what your doing and the people you're working alongside clearly have the same mindset, so yet again it was a no-brainer.

Special skills: I love mountaineering, snowboarding, and cycling and have a passion for music, I can play the guitar, and piano drums.

Fun fact: I love finding good authentic food

and will travel around to try it and find the best!


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