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Meet the team: Henry Chambers

I am a keen learner, currently pursuing a law degree. I am also passionate about the business world, and recruitment has allowed me to integrate my two passions because it regularly brings me into contact with like-minded professionals.

Creating new connections and talking to different people is a great pleasure for me since everyone has something interesting to say. I find that our greatest source of knowledge is each other.

Why you are passionate about recruitment?

I love recruitment because it is a social job that allows me to make a tangible difference to the people and businesses that we are working with. As recruitment always presents new challenges, it never becomes boring since it keeps you thinking outside the box.

Why did you join TRM International?

Owing to the fact that TRM International is a more specialist recruitment company, I am able to work with a variety of technical candidates. TRM International appeals to me because it goes beyond just recruitment for its clients. We also offer consultation services, and coaching and ultimately have a highly positive impact.

Special skills: In my own time I enjoy cycling, mountain climbing, and playing the drums. It is said that the activities you enjoyed as a child are fantastic for your mental health in adulthood!

Fun fact: My party trick is that I can hum and whistle at the same time.


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