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Supporting diversity, inclusion and wellbeing

About TRM International

TRM stands for Talent Resource Management 

TRM International understands the challenges of juggling family life with a career and have created a flexible and supportive environment that enables motivated individuals to continue their careers throughout the ups and downs of family life. Because of this approach to our own workforce, our customers are able to work with highly experienced industry-leading HR and Recruitment Professionals and the difference in quality of service is immediately noticeable. 

Why choose our services?

  • ​We nurture an external Partnership Network of specialist recruiters, who are able to fill a range of niche requirements.

  • We have a robust internal Talent Resource Team of experienced recruiters who are able to fill a broad range of requirements in Technology, Finance and FinTech.

  • We work with experienced and certified recruitment professionals, who are industry specialists and understand how your business works.

  • You will be working with dedicated HR and/or Recruitment Professionals, who will operate as if they are a part of your own internal team. 

  • We have designed bespoke solutions that will help you to control and spread the cost of recruitment, while at the same time enhancing your ability to attract and retain top talent.

  • Develop and manage your talent base to positively impact results.

  • We value the professionals we work with and ensure our services are impeccable for both our clients and candidates alike.

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Eleanor Jeffryes

Managing Director

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