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A bit of background... (scroll down for our Services Overview)

The role of "recruiter" is often seen as a starter's role for ambitious graduates with a work / hard play hard mentality and in most cases, it is just that. You work hard (60 - 80 hours a week) but you earn great money, fast track your career and enjoy all of the incentives, perks and culture that comes with it. But what happens further down the line? When you are no longer a 20 something graduate and your priorities and ambitions start to change or perhaps you have discovered the glass ceiling? 

At this point, many recruiters will start the search for an employer that is supportive of family life and is happy to offer more freedom and flexibility in exchange for your wealth of experience. But unfortunately, you will quickly realise that in the world of recruitment such employers are few and far between. So you arrive at a crossroads and short of leaving your career the options are generally... move into internal recruitment, move into training or start your own recruitment business. 

For those of you who have walked this path and taken the leap into entrepreneurship, whether you are self-employed or building a small team. Our Partner Services have been designed to support you!

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Career Opportunities

Not quite ready for the leap?

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Our Partner Services

Networking and Events

Working on your own can be hard. Join a Partner Network of like-minded individuals, who actively promote Women in Leadership and support people from all walks of life, who are looking to balance their business with family life. We create regular opportunities to (virtually) meet up share experiences, insights and network, as well as a yearly event designed to inspire the future of recruitment. 

Expand your Delivery capability

No need to shy away from larger clients or worry about delivery when you have a sudden influx of jobs or regular peaks. Our Partners have access to our Talent Resource Team. This allows you to work with experienced resourcers when you need them. Partners can engage specialist resourcers in Technology, Sales and Finance on a retained or split fee basis for a particular role, project or even for your internal recruitment. 

This is a full-service delivery role performed by experienced resourcers, who are able to support you with job ads, social media campaigns, research, pre-screening, shortlisting and candidate management. 

Organisational design and development

Growing your own business can be challenging, especially while billing yourself. Sometimes you need to break out of tunnel vision, gain perspective from a helicopter view and understand what is happening elsewhere in the industry to optimise your strategy and processes. Receive strategic advice, mentoring and coaching from experienced recruitment leaders and top billers who can help you to maximise your billing, create succession and scale your business. 

HR Support

Managing a small team often requires you to wear multiple hats in short succession and it can be challenging to switch between the different roles, particularly when you are close to your team. We can help support you with those difficult conversations, official reviews, personal development plans and HR documents.

The HR support we provide can be tailored to your requirements but would generally include: 

  • Documentation

  • Onboarding and induction

  • Training and coaching sessions

  • Support in appraisals, disciplinaries, dismissals

Operational Support

As a small business owner, you do everything from invoicing to ordering office supplies in addition to your day job.

So we are here to support you with a range of services, tools and solutions to help you focus on what really matters. 

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