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Excel your career at
TRM International

Career opportunities

Looking for a permanent job?

  • Researcher

  • Delivery Consultant

  • Account Manager

  • Senior Recruitment Consultant (360)

  • Principal Recruitment Consultant (360)

  • Team Leader

  • Billing Manager

Looking for Freelance work?

Interim Recruiter

We offer freelance contracts for 3,6,12 months in which you will be assigned to one of our TaaS customers as a dedicated interim recruiter.​

In support of our Talent Research Team, we are open to freelance recruiters, who would be happy to deliver on retained search mandates on a commission-only basis (this includes an advance from the initial instalment).

Why you should work with us!

TRM International is an equal opportunities employer that actively supports diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.


We promote "Women in Leadership" and "Women in Tech" and our goal is to help organisations to create inspiring places to work, that put people first. 


So, we have created a unique company culture that (we hope) will disrupt the world of recruitment, providing experienced recruiters with the opportunity to further their careers and our clients with a better quality of service and more value for their money. 

Anyone who has been in the industry for a time understands that the standard recruiter "lifestyle" does not mix well with family life. This may be why there are so few women in senior leadership positions. In an industry in which it's known that women frequently dominate the top 10% in performance, it's hard to reconcile the drastic underrepresentation in management and senior leadership.

Regardless of gender, perhaps you too...

Believe in our values and want to help us to disrupt the recruitment industry?

Have reached the glass ceiling?

Are worried about how having a family will affect your career?

Are struggling to combine the recruitment lifestyle with family commitments?

Were pushed out of your career after starting a family and are looking for a place to start working again?

We are looking for experienced (ex)recruiters, who are still passionate and motivated to succeed in their careers.


We offer a supportive culture, flexibility to work around family commitments and opportunities to re-ignite and further your career in an environment where passion, creativity, wellbeing, equality and performance come together.

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