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How to find a job online? Your guide to the modern-day job search.

Newspaper ads and typewritten cover letters are out, but modern technology has not changed everything about the modern-day job hunt.

Networking and upskilling are still integral to finding the right job. Rather it’s the processes that have moved online, from the job search to the interview.

However, despite Grammarly making us all more fluent writers, there are still some challenges to be expected.

An experienced recruiter shares her tips on how to best find a job online:

Use LinkedIn to its full potential. The first step is to have an excellent online presence, starting with LinkedIn. Use buzzwords in your ‘About’ section according to SEO (search engine optimization) principles, add ‘skills’ to each of your Job Experiences, follow companies you are interested in, and join LinkedIn groups.

Check your online presence regularly. It is highly recommended to google yourself on a regular basis, entering the following into the search bar: “first name + last name”. If you encounter any information that you would like to have removed, you can contact the website in question. Another possibility - if applicable - would be to contact Google by making use of your ‘Right to be Forgotten’ (part of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU). Instructions can be found here.

Try multiple job sites. Most new postings can be found on LinkedIn and other job sites. Some sites specialize in a certain sector or country whilst others operate worldwide. Check out indeed, monster and glassdoor. You can also check the company website for specific organizations that you have in mind.

Take a balanced approach. The number of online opportunities can be overwhelming, especially if you have not fully defined what the next step in your career looks like. Pre-plan your weekly targets for the number of applications you are sending out, and the number of hours you are trawling job sites. Sign up to receive alerts. Searching for a new job is a job in itself, so set limits. One day you can collate job openings, and another day you can update your CV or cover letters. Find a balance and do not be too hard on yourself.

Use a recruitment agency. Recruiters operating on a commission basis are highly motivated to extol your virtues and aggressively pitch you to their clients. Get in touch with our experienced team of Talent Acquisition Specialists today, at:

We are here and happy to help with all your recruitment needs, from CV to interview advice.

You can also check out some of our public job opportunities here.


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