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How to prepare for a job interview?

The time has come. You have been invited for an interview and after the initial excitement, nerves start rising almost immediately as you really want the job. Know that a job interview is more like a game of chess than a game of chance. An experienced recruiter shares good moves.

Preparation is key

Abraham Lincoln also gave importance to good preparation: “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” How does this translate to a job interview?

  • Research the company and the interviewers: this not only gives better insight but also helps to determine how best to dress;

  • Job description: read it again and define why you are the best candidate;

  • Bring along CV and cover letter;

  • Practice makes perfect: think about practicing the interview out loud or role-playing it;

  • Plan your trip: know where you need to be and how you can get there on time;

  • Get a good night's sleep: this can work wonders.

Job interview

You have prepared well and arrived at the right place on time. How do you move now?

  • The interview starts the moment you enter the building;

  • The first impression sets the tone for the rest of the interview;

  • Listen and answer the questions;

  • Give concrete examples;

  • Prepare some questions: for example about the position, the company or the company culture. You can also ask what your interviewer likes best about his or her job;

  • End on a positive note: after all, the last impression lasts the longest;

  • An interview is a two-way street: it also helps you to define whether the position and the company are a good fit.

Good Luck!

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