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Recruitment trends in the Fintech industry, 2024 so far...

The recruitment landscape within fintech is evolving.

Companies are focusing more on performance and adaptability rather than just attracting talent.

There is an increase in competition for jobs, with applications per position rising by 35%​ (eFinancialCareers)​.

Skills in AI and adaptability to ambiguous environments are highly valued, as fintechs continue to innovate and integrate new technologies​ (PitchBook)​​ (eFinancialCareers)​.

Additionally, the work culture in fintechs varies widely, with some companies like Revolut known for demanding high performance, while others offer benefits like four-day work weeks​ (eFinancialCareers)​. This variation in culture affects employee stability and support structures, which are sometimes secondary to growth and scaling efforts.

For those seeking jobs in fintech, a strong educational background, especially in tech-related fields from prestigious institutions, and a passion for technology demonstrated through side projects and active GitHub profiles are crucial​ (eFinancialCareers)​.

The recruitment process emphasizes personal attributes and potential, with interviews often focusing on understanding candidates' experiences and potential contributions.

Overall, the fintech recruitment industry in 2024 is characterized by increased competition, a shift towards more performance-based hiring, and a continued focus on innovation and technological integration​ (Clutch Marketplace)​​ (eFinancialCareers)​.

TRM-International understands that the human side of FinTech can drive performance.

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