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Top 5 ways to get promoted

  1. Be conscientious

  2. Add value to the organization and make it visible

  3. Strong interpersonal skills

  4. Continuous improvement

  5. Prepare for the role you aim for

Top 5 ways to get promoted...

  1. Be conscientious: according to a 2019 study of the University of Toronto, conscientiousness - one of the big 5 traits - is one of the main predictors of success at work and for life in general. It includes characteristics such as reliability, taking responsibility for yourself and others, motivation and commitment. At the workplace this is often translated into the go-to-person;

  2. Add value to the organization and make it visible: making money is not the only way to add value to the organization but also saving money, making (business) procedures more efficient or to help improve the collaboration between people, teams and departments. Do not assume that people automatically know who you are and what you are capable of but make it visible in concrete ways without bragging about it or devaluing the contribution of your colleague(s).

  3. Strong interpersonal skills: a successful leader is often defined by strong interpersonal skills which includes communication skills, being able to motivate others and being approachable. Make a good work relationship with your colleagues a priority and do not limit yourself to the colleagues of your own department but seek collaboration. If the communication is a bit challenging, see what you can do to approach it in a different way. And do not forget that the position somebody helds does not define them as a person.

  4. Continuous improvement: besides doing a proper job, always seek continuous improvement in your personal and professional skills. Be open to feedback, take a new course and help your colleagues to improve as well.

  5. Prepare for the role you aim for: a famous quote of Lewis Carroll - the writer of Alice in Wonderland - states that ‘if you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there’. In essence this means that you not only need to know what you aim for, but also what is the best way to get there. Do not hesitate to ask others to help you further define your goal and work on the skills and knowledge that you need to develop during the road.


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