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TRM's Top Tips: interview tips

Top 10 tips to ace an interview.

  1. Do your research Look for the information that you can weave into the conversation to build a rapport (research the company, the interviewer and understand what they do).

  2. Look sharp Unless you work in a creative industry, the employer wants to know that you dress professionally plain and simple.

  3. Don't show up empty-handed Take copy/s of your CV; Note pad & Pen (Taking notes shows you’re actively listening to the interviewer and engaged in the conversation); Portfolio / Work samples; Photo ID (You may need to provide identification to enter the building and proof of RTW) and References (If the interview goes well, the hiring manager may ask you for them on the spot).

  4. Arrive early 10 to 15 minutes before the interview (time to fine-tune your pitch, tidy your appearance and switch off your mobile!)

  5. Project enthusiasm Bring some energy to the interview. A firm handshake and plenty of eye contact demonstrate confidence. Speak clearly in a confident voice, even though you may feel shaky. Don’t allow nerves to take over - You are in control!

  6. Listen carefully Learn how to listen — Listening is a powerful thing! Some ground rules to follow; Don’t interrupt when the other person is talking; Take notes; Maintain good eye contact, lean forward and face the interviewer directly.

  7. Give specific examples Provide proof that you actually have the skills that you say you have. Select stories that highlight quantifiable achievements relating to the questions being asked.

  8. Ask questions Take full advantage of this opportunity by asking relevant intelligent future scope questions relating to the role and the business utilising How, Why, When, What, Where and Who.

  9. End on the right note An essential step to successfully securing a job is following up with the interviewer. Your last questions during an interview should always be: Do you have any reservations that I can reassure you about? What are the next steps from here and when will I be notified of the outcome?

  10. Ace the follow-up - Following up is a critical part of getting hired, yet it's often overlooked. The goal is two-fold: to stay at the top-of-their-mind and to restate your interest. For example: Thank you email: Hi Tom, I’m just writing to let you know that I am still very much interested in the position of C# Developer. Please let me know if I can offer any additional information, such as letters of recommendation, that might be useful.

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