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What are the different types of FinTech jobs? The most in-demand candidates in FinTech 2023.

To effectively recruit top talent for the job, it's crucial to be aware of the expanding sectors within Fintech and the highly competitive roles within those sectors.

To assist you in refining your recruitment strategies, we've prepared this guide on the most in-demand roles in FinTech, according to research conducted by our recruitment specialists:

1. Software engineering: Software Engineers are not homogeneous; each possesses a distinct skill set and proficiency in coding languages that make them suitable for various job openings. To identify the most sought-after types of Software Engineers within the Fintech industry, we analyzed the prevalence of programming languages in job descriptions:

  • Javascript - 37.27%

  • Python - 29.02%

  • Linux - 18.63%

  • Ruby - 19.61%

  • Java - 28.86%

2. Operations: Unsurprisingly, operations stands out as the second-most sought-after position in the Fintech industry, representing approximately 13% of total job opportunities. Effective coordination is essential to maintain the timely and cost-effective development of products by Software Engineers, as well as to ensure customer satisfaction.

Within operations, the top three roles are:

  • Customer Success

  • Information Technology

  • Customer Support

3. Data & Analytics: Fintech is a realm inundated with vast amounts of numerical data. To effectively organize and convert this data into meaningful insights, Fintech companies are actively recruiting experts in Data and Analytics. These roles constitute approximately 11% of all available positions in the Fintech industry, as companies seek to derive significance from the chaos.

4. Marketing: 7% of available positions within the Fintech sector are dedicated to marketing functions. The significance of marketing teams cannot be overstated as they are instrumental in communicating tailored information to specific target groups. This is vital in the Fintech industry, where the target audiences possess specialized interests. Since numerous Fintech products are utilized by regular individuals for fundamental banking and investment activities, widespread consumer marketing assumes a crucial role.

5. Sales: Although sales positions constituted only approximately 10% of available roles in the Fintech sector, their significance in driving industry success cannot be underestimated. A robust sales team is essential for effectively selling and overseeing products, and without their contributions, the Fintech industry would not have achieved the level of success it enjoys today.

The distribution of the most sought-after positions within this category is as follows:

  • Sales Development Representative

  • Account Executive

  • Account Manager

  • Sales Operations

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